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Portugal Intercollegiate Open Day 2

That certainly was a tough day, day 2. At first, I was happy that I had a late start at 10 o’çlock, but afterwards I think that it was unlucky. Not only took our round 6!!!!! hours, we also had to wait for every hole and alsmost every stroke. When we were at hole 14, the sky broke open. Not with the sun, but with a terrible amount of rain. Within minutes, the green was soaked. And the wind….. woww

It was not a good score, but I got a lot feedback from my strokes and my tactical choices. taking the time for my set-up, not getting angry when I hit a not so good shot. Knowing that the condition of the greens can influence my putting is a good thing to realize.

It is what it is.The good feeling of my technical changes during winter is what is most important to me at the moment. Tough day, down to position 18, only 4 strokes away from a top 10 position. Tomorrow an early rise, pack my suitcase and play the last round.

 It is raining cats &  dogs today


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Portugal Intercollegiate Open Day 1

I was really looking forward to the tournament. My main goal was to find out how my technical changes turned out to be during a multi day tournament. My new Pro has a different approach, she is very positiv. I did spend a lot of time on my study to be sure that I make it into graduation year and I succeeded so far. New chances.

I was determined to focus on the impact of my club. The first day of the tournament was fine, especially my drives did what they were supposed to do. My chipping needed to improve, on the other hand.. my putting was good, only 28 putts on an ondulated green. Despite the harsh wind, I was satisfied with the result: 7th position.

Everything from position 20 and upwards is according to the handicaps of the players, and that was fine with me.

At the end of the day, I felt the high hills in my legs and in my kneed. Luckily, my masseur was with me. Alfter a great sushi dinner (it is noticable that they use very fresh fish here) and a good nights sleep, I was ready for the next day.

 Beautiful golfcourse Penha Longa Resort

 Position 7 after the first day

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