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Flying to Seattle, honouring Patt Lesser Harbottle

I am soooo excited, again I made the team and we are flying to Seattle. I read about the name giver of the tournament, Patt Lesser Harbottle. Impressive, what she has achieved in women’s golf:

One of the greatest female golfers to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest. As the daughter in an Army family, Pat attended six elementary schools in five states and was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked. Theirs was a close father and daughter relationship when pat was advancing in her teens and Colonel Lesser often took her to ball games and many sporting events. Finally she tagged along with him to the golf course and liked the sport. It was not until she won the Seattle City title at age 14 that she took much interest in practicing. She is a graduate of Seattle University and was the first female to play on a collegiate men’s golf team. In four years she won 32 matches, lost 8 and tied 7 as the number 6 player. There is one story that might indicate how her fellow competitors she met in college matches felt. The teammates of a man player who had lost to Pat, who had shot 71, was being razzed for losing to a girl. His reply to the hecklers was: “I didn’t lose to a girl. I lost to a 71.” She is the only player ever to win the US Juniors, National Collegiate and US Amateur championships and first to hold The National Amateur, Western Amateur, Doherty Cup and South Atlantic titles the same year. PAT LESSER HARBOTTLE Career Highlights: U.S. Women’s Amateur Champion 1955 U.S. Women’s Open – Low Amateur 1951 & 1953 U.S. Girls’ Junior Champion 1950 Canadian Women’s Amateur Medalist 1953; Finalist 1956 NCAA Champion 1953; Finalist 1954; Medalist 1952 Women’s Western Am.Champion 1955; Medalist 1954; Finalist 1956 Western Junior Girls’ Champion 1950 PNGA Women’s Am. Champion 1952, 1953 & 1965; Finalist 1961; Medalist 1955, 1963 & 1964 PNGA Senior Women’s Team Champion (with Ann Swanson) 1998 North & South Women’s Amateur Finalist 1955 South Atlantic Women’s Amateur Champion 1954 & 1955 Helen Lee Doherty Invitational Champion 1955 Titleholders Low Amateur 1955 Washington State Women’s Golf Association *Champion 1952 & 1974; Finalist 1950; Medalist 1950 & 1952 Oregon Am. Champion 1952; Finalist 1951; Medalist 1951 & 1952 Curtis Cup Team Member 1954 & 1956 Inducted into State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame 1999 Inducted into Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame 1985 Seattle City Champion 1948, 1949 SEATTLE POST INTELLIGENCER “MAN OF THE YEAR” 1955 PNGA Hall of Fame Member WASHINGTON State sports Hall of Fame 1999 SEATTLE UNIVERSITY HALL OF FAME


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Aggie Invitational, second tournament

You can imagine how happy I was, that I was allowed to join the team for the second time.  We drove by minivan from Phoenix to New Mexico. the teamspirit arose along with the miles we drove. I love being part of the team and I was really convinced to put down a great score. But unfortunately, My scores weren’t as good as I had hoped, shooting 79, 79 and 76. But overall, I was not amused because I know I can do better and I was happy with two rounds without a double bogey. I know I can still grow.

Coach wrote a nice article on our tournament at the Aggie Invitational, nice reading!

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My first College Golf Tournament

After 6 Qualifying rounds, I managed to get into the team to play my first College Golf Tournament in Oregon. On day 1 there was a 36 holes game and on day 2 we played 18 holes. It was really exciting (as my parents in Holland told me afterwards, because they had live scoring) for me it was different, I really did my utmost to put down a great score. And apart from 5 holes, I think I delivered.

These were my scores: 79-75-77.

In the end I was relatively happy with my performance, and I know that I can do much better. I ended up on the 27th place out of 66. Not bad but also not brilliant. GCU alsmost won the tournament, but we were just 2 strokes short for victory. But my teammie Courtney Vogel won the tournament, I am extremely proud of her!

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Welcome VLOG Grand Canyon University

So now it is all happening. I am living in Phoenix, studying Marketing & Advertising and I am part of the Women’s golf team. And I love it!

As part of one of my classes, I had to make a welcome vlog, were I tell my viewers about myself and my life on campus. I am pretty proud that I was able to make this vlog and tell you in English what was on my mind. Being Dutch, English is not my first language so I still think in Dutch and then quickly translate what I am think into English. Multitasking?

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GCU, here I am!

Yes I did it!

That was my feeling after a very exciting, hard year of not knowing whether or not I was allowed to play for Grand Canyon University and study in Phoenix. After passing my High school exam, the NCAA decided that I did not have enough points on science classes. Which is true, because in Holland you get to choose a profile/discipline and I chose Economics and management. So I did not have science classes. The (not so funny) thing was, that this was a known fact for over a year to the NCAA, so I did not understand why this was an issue at the end of the procedure of getting accepted at GCU.

Since there was no time to waste, I needed to do two courses (Botany and Environmental Science) and I needed to finish them quickly with high grades. Luckily, GCU found out what courses I was to take so that I could have them finished within 5 weeks. So We contacted the University of Mississippi to enter the courses. I had to take 26 exams and after 4 weeks and 1 day I passes both classes. I am still grateful for my contact at UNHS for all the help she gave us.

And so finally, after receiving my visum, I packed my bags and left for my adventyre in the States. Sooo happy to go to Grand Canyon University and meet my team and my coaches. Excited that I made it and looking forward to start my new life there, studying marketing & advertising and playing my most favorite sport in the world: golf

For more information about my team, discover the GCU Lopes

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