Top 15 and a very strong mindset

This weekend I played the National Strokeplay Championship U21. Based on my ranking in the playing field, I should be able to end in the top 15. So that was my goal and ofcourse I was aiming on top 10. It is a 3 day tournament with 4 x 18 holes to play.


My first round went fairly well. I played within my buffer and indeed started within the top 15. Unfortunately, my second round was not too good. I made two triples and a double. Out of the top 15 but I made the cut and was very keen to improve again the nex day. But then, something scary happened. We found my mother unconsciuos on the floor, so we spend the entire evening / part of the night in hospital. After several tests and a CT scan, we were able to take her home again. So that was a scary and impressive way to prepare for 2x 18 holes finals.

I was really tired, having slept only for a few hours, but still was determined to finish the tournament. It was very windy and I needed all of my willpower to get through. But I did, And I did fairly well with a great last 9 holes (+1). It was clear that I was not as sharp as I should have been, which could be noticed by the too many 3-putts. But I ended up being 15th in the tournament and learned that my will power is one of my assets. #Proudofmyself

And my mother is doing well again!



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Preparing for National U21

Next weekend, one of the most important national tournaments of the year, will be played: the National Strokeplay Championship U21. And the good thing is… it will be played on my homecourse. It is the only tournament were I do not have to drive for hours and stay in hotels. So now I am the lucky one.

Not everybody thinks it is an advantage to play on your homecourse, because of the pressure you might feel. But at the moment I enjoy it. I am able to go and play every day in preparation of next weekend, which a lot of other kids cannot do. Yesterday I played the first 9 holes not so good, lots of bogeys, but the second 9 holes I did well! Only +1, so in the end I played according to my handicap. And I know that the result of the first 9 holes can be better, so I am excited to keep practicing and exploring the course untill the tournament starts next Saturday. Keep you posted!

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National strokeplay championship U 18

I was really keen on having a good tournament. Not only because I had started my season so well in Ireland and Wales. But especially because of the fact that last year, I had missed the cut.
The national championship U 18 is a very strong tournament, where all the good players want te earn a top 10 ranking. The pre-selection of the playing field is fierce, only 44 girls are able to enter.

So, based on my good performance of before and my handicap, I was able to enter the tournament. I played fairly structured and stable, and made the cut which was held at the top 20 girls.
I was very happy to play 3 solid rounds (77, 75, 76) and ended up T6. This gives me a great feeling for the next National Championship, the National Strokeplay Championship U21. Looking very much forward to it 🙂


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Performing and winning across the water

Finally the day had come. My Dad and I flew to Dublin, were we rented a car to drive to the Faldo series in Ireland. It felt like a holiday and we were having a lot of fun together. My school gave me permission to skip for two weeks so I could play the Faldo series in Ireland, then the Irish Open U18 and after that, the Faldo series in Wales.

I had been looking forward to playing in Ireland and Wales big time, and I had prepared well. Unfortunately, I found that the hard wind was hard for me to cope with… and was not able to adjust quick enough to play well in this first tournament. In a playing field of about a 100 boys and girls, I learned a lot and got even better prepared for the Irish Open.

It was a great course in Lough Erne and with mixed feelings we drove back to Dublin to start the Irish Strokeplay Championships U 18.

Before our practice round we had a day for shopping, and so we did. Shopping with my Dad is fun, he is in for everything so we had a great day. That night we also had a great dinner and a wonderful hotel. Which was a little bit different compared to the Bed & Breakfast places we had seen the week before. So we enjoyed it.

After the practice round, I knew what the course in Roganstown was about. I had no expectations, being nr 56 in handicap on the list of 104, mainly Irish girls, that are used to the circumstances here. But…… I was totally in sync with myself and I outperformed: My first time under par ever, and that in such a big tournament. And not only that…. In the end I became runner up. Second place on the Irish Open U 18!!!

Calling home to tell the good news!


I was sooo happy and I could not wait for the next tournament, the Faldo series in Wales. To get there, I flew alone to Wales, were my mother was going to meet me while my father flew back to Amsterdam. I met my Mom, we had dinner, and we drove to our bed & breakfast near Bridgend. The next day I played a practice round on the Pyle & Kenfig Golf club. And after three coordinated rounds, I won!. Not that I scored well, but I new what the difference with the runner up was and we played in the same flight, so the only thing I had to do was play tactical, not take risks and stay ahead. And so I did. Yess….. back to back win. With another round under par!!


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First season testing at my homecourse

Last weekend, I tested my trainingresult of the past few months in our monthly competition at my homecourse, the NoordNederlandse Golf & Country Club. I was very curious how my round would go: technically, mentally and ofcourse my course management skills. I was afraid I would need all these aspects more than I had hoped for, taking the harsh wind, the rain and the fact that the grass had not yet appeared from beneath the ground on the fairways.

My testgoal was to cope with these circumstances and play a round under 80 strokes. And… I did it! The first 14 holes I played almost by the book, +2. The last 4 holes I made some mistakes, +4. So in total a round of 78.

Good start of the season, most of the years I dit not start that well. Even with those circumstances #Happy!

It was a net game for the money prizes, but since I was the best scratch lady player and overall in the total field (ladies & gents) number 5, I ended up with a very staisfied feeling and a good botlle of wine.

Let the Faldo’s in Ireland and Wales come. Bring it on!!. And the Irish Strokeplay Championships under 18 as well! I am ready! With a big thx to my pro Annemieke de Goederen, who put me on the right path once in a while for the past few months 🙂

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