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This is my GCU team of which I am very proud. I am working very hard to add value to the team.


My Profile @CollegeSportsAmerica So wonderful to get in touch with the various colleges were I could add value to the team. I am excited to speak to all of them and find out what the best fit will be for the future.


Faldo Series Wales 2017, I won!


Irish Girls Open Strokeplay Championships U18 2017, first time under PAR!


A week of training in Biarritz, End of February 2017, preparing for season


It is so great that I got to play my first tournament in Portugal this year.

My first tournament of 2017. I am very motivated to play and enjoy playing again.


I had to go to Spain in the middle of school to participate in the Evolve Spanish Open.

The second tournament of the World Junior Golf Tournament Series was really great.


It was a great experience, this was the first tournament of the World Junior Golf Tournament Series. Together with my Mam I went to Wroclaw, Polen.


My second time in St. Andrews. This time, I participated in the Junior Ladies and the Strathtyrum Tournament. In the latter, I even reached the cut and had to compete against my dear Golf friend Marit Harryvan.


This was my first tournament abroad ever. I was just 12 years. it was an impressive experience: The Junior Ladies in St. Andrews.


When I was younger, we played golf when we were on holiday. Often on very beautiful golf courses. This is a short movie of the first time I played such a beautiful foreign golf course: Pevero Golf Club on Sardinië.
At this time, I was only 9 years old, so it was around the time that I just started this great game 🙂


National Strokeplay Championship U18 2017

Portuguese Intercollegiate Open 2017

Faldo Series Netherlands 2015

Gran Prix de Strasbourg 2015

Texels Junior Open 2014

Toya Polish Junior Open 2014