GCU, here I am!

Yes I did it!

That was my feeling after a very exciting, hard year of not knowing whether or not I was allowed to play for Grand Canyon University and study in Phoenix. After passing my High school exam, the NCAA decided that I did not have enough points on science classes. Which is true, because in Holland you get to choose a profile/discipline and I chose Economics and management. So I did not have science classes. The (not so funny) thing was, that this was a known fact for over a year to the NCAA, so I did not understand why this was an issue at the end of the procedure of getting accepted at GCU.

Since there was no time to waste, I needed to do two courses (Botany and Environmental Science) and I needed to finish them quickly with high grades. Luckily, GCU found out what courses I was to take so that I could have them finished within 5 weeks. So We contacted the University of Mississippi to enter the courses. I had to take 26 exams and after 4 weeks and 1 day I passes both classes. I am still grateful for my contact at UNHS for all the help she gave us.

And so finally, after receiving my visum, I packed my bags and left for my adventyre in the States. Sooo happy to go to Grand Canyon University and meet my team and my coaches. Excited that I made it and looking forward to start my new life there, studying marketing & advertising and playing my most favorite sport in the world: golf

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