I dropped the ball

The last day of the national chammpionship had arrived, and I was very happy with my play untill then. I realised that the only thing I needed to do, was keep on playing the way I did. On the last day, there were two rounds of 18 holes. And I had (again) an early start.

It cost me a lot of my strength to keep focussing, but I succeeded: I ended round 3 with a result of 75 strokes. Tired but very happy I had a quick lunch and then went off again for round four.

And then I dropped the ball. I ended up having a row of ‘unlucky and unwanted’ strokes and putts. Unfortunately I was not able to change the tide. Annoying! The last 9 holes I made 6 bogeys and a triple. Angry with myself that I changed my score from good to ‘hmmmm’ in only a few holes, and tired after so many rounds of golf for the past few weeks, I had to let it go and enjoy the fact that I made the cut. And that was all there was to it.