Mental Challenge on day 2

Today was a big mental challenge for the players. The early start we were supposed to have, was delayed. First the tee off was delayed for an hour. Then we finished the first hole and hit the driver on the second hole, we were asked to get off the course.

The boys tournament had to reschedule, and the cut was set after the results of yesterday. The girls tournament was supposed to start  again at ten o’clock, but then there was more delay, for hours and hours. Finally we were to start all over again on the first hole to make the conditions for all players as even as possible. So at 2 o’clock I started again on the first hole.

 foto: Amber Bruins

I knew it would be a mental challenge for many players, not only because of the delay, but also because of the changed circumstances. I understood that some of the players that were probably not going to reach the cut, were leaving.

I played well, organized, calm, and did keep my mind together. It would be so great if I would reach the cut for the first time! And so I did. I played a good round of 78, just as yesterday, in my buffer again. I was curious how I would end, who would have had a hard day today.

And after a long day of getting up at six and leaving the cours at 6.30 in the evening, I knew that I made the cut. And not only that, I am still on rank T13. Very happy!

Tomorrow two rounds to play, so I’ll get a quick dinner and then go to sleep early. 8;10 tee off! Whish me luck…