National strokeplay championship U 18

I was really keen on having a good tournament. Not only because I had started my season so well in Ireland and Wales. But especially because of the fact that last year, I had missed the cut.
The national championship U 18 is a very strong tournament, where all the good players want te earn a top 10 ranking. The pre-selection of the playing field is fierce, only 44 girls are able to enter.

So, based on my good performance of before and my handicap, I was able to enter the tournament. I played fairly structured and stable, and made the cut which was held at the top 20 girls.
I was very happy to play 3 solid rounds (77, 75, 76) and ended up T6. This gives me a great feeling for the next National Championship, the National Strokeplay Championship U21. Looking very much forward to it 🙂