Portugal Intercollegiate Open Day 3

Luckily, today is was very nice weather. I think it is always a better feeling to end a tournament with a stroke of sunshine. Ik actually hit some good balls today, but the endresult was not what I had hoped for.

The good feeling that I really have improved my technical skilss, rules my thoughts, so I am happy about that. And ofcourse it is a pity that my score is not as I wanted it to be. But the feeling on how I get our of my winter period is completely different than the past two years while training with my former pro. Feeling good about it!


I think I should take care of my wrist, I have hit my club into the very wet ground a couple of times. I will ask my aunt to treat my muscles and my joints when I get home. Got to get ready for a week of training in Biarritz soon 🙂