Preparing for National U21

Next weekend, one of the most important national tournaments of the year, will be played: the National Strokeplay Championship U21. And the good thing is… it will be played on my homecourse. It is the only tournament were I do not have to drive for hours and stay in hotels. So now I am the lucky one.

Not everybody thinks it is an advantage to play on your homecourse, because of the pressure you might feel. But at the moment I enjoy it. I am able to go and play every day in preparation of next weekend, which a lot of other kids cannot do. Yesterday I played the first 9 holes not so good, lots of bogeys, but the second 9 holes I did well! Only +1, so in the end I played according to my handicap. And I know that the result of the first 9 holes can be better, so I am excited to keep practicing and exploring the course untill the tournament starts next Saturday. Keep you posted!