Top 15 and a very strong mindset

This weekend I played the National Strokeplay Championship U21. Based on my ranking in the playing field, I should be able to end in the top 15. So that was my goal and ofcourse I was aiming on top 10. It is a 3 day tournament with 4 x 18 holes to play.


My first round went fairly well. I played within my buffer and indeed started within the top 15. Unfortunately, my second round was not too good. I made two triples and a double. Out of the top 15 but I made the cut and was very keen to improve again the nex day. But then, something scary happened. We found my mother unconsciuos on the floor, so we spend the entire evening / part of the night in hospital. After several tests and a CT scan, we were able to take her home again. So that was a scary and impressive way to prepare for 2x 18 holes finals.

I was really tired, having slept only for a few hours, but still was determined to finish the tournament. It was very windy and I needed all of my willpower to get through. But I did, And I did fairly well with a great last 9 holes (+1). It was clear that I was not as sharp as I should have been, which could be noticed by the too many 3-putts. But I ended up being 15th in the tournament and learned that my will power is one of my assets. #Proudofmyself

And my mother is doing well again!