My bag


My Golfbag

At the moment I use my fourth set of clubs. For a relatively long time, I used a very cute set of Loco Kids clubs, untill they really became too small. Which made me bend my knees to much every time I hit the ball. My current set was measured especially for me and my type of play.

My clubs

In my bag, I currently carry the following clubs:

Club-1      Club-2      Club-3

  • A Callaway RazR Fit  11,5 degrees
  • A Big Bertha Fusion Wood 5, 19 degrees
  • Two Titleist 913H Hybrids, 21 and 24 degrees

Club-4      Club-5      

  • A set AP2 irons and wedges with tour AD 65i shaft
  • A new Titleist Vokey wedge 56-11
  • And a great  Odyssey putter that really works for me

You can imagine that my clubs do not shine as much any more as the ones in the pictures, but I do a great effort to keep them clean. I know that I hit them better when they are clean. Tip: Always carry a small towel and cleaning equipment with you, so you are able to really clean your club after every shot.

And put them once a month into a bucket with water and some soap, in that way you keep them in a good shape.